Date:     April 11, 2014


To:          All Graduate Students, Coordinators and Staff


From:    UF Department of Behavioral Science and Community Health


RE:          Now Open: Online Summer 2014 UF SBS Graduate Research Methods Course



PHC 6937 – Social and Behavioral Science Research Methods

(Online, Summer C 2014)


This online course is designed to provide an overview of research design, methods, and ethics for graduate students. The overarching aims for the course are to provide students with: (1) an overview of the types of research methods available to them; (2) the opportunity to design, conduct, and evaluate research projects; and (3) an understanding of key ethical, cultural, and political issues related to the conduct of research.


Students in all disciplines can register to learn about how to design research projects. Register today!


Instructor: Dr. Jamie Pomeranz

Average instructor rating: 4.90 out of 5


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