Date:     August 20, 2014


To:          All UF Graduate Students


From:    Florida Society of the Social Sciences (F3S)


RE:          F3S Call for Membership 2014



Call for Membership 2014


The call for new members to join the Florida Society of the Social Sciences for the 2014-2015 school year is now open. The Florida Society of the Social Sciences is an organization that strives to foster the development of research within the social sciences and to provide an environment of collegiality and cooperation among young scholars. F3S sponsors the annual Conference of the Social Sciences, as well as several publication workshops throughout the year.  


Members are sought from graduate students who possess a passion for research, professional development and service to the social sciences, the Graduate School, and the University of Florida.

Research fields: The call is open to all graduate students particularly those working in any research-based discipline, including the social sciences, the arts and humanities.


Impact: The Florida Society of the Social Sciences is committed to a broad range of programs to support emerging scholars, promote science to a broad audience, and foster interdisciplinary collaboration.

Qualifications: Members should be admitted in any advanced degree program at the University of Florida. We encourage membership from all disciplines. First year graduate students are particularly welcome.


Membership Benefits:

·         F3S Grant for members only

o    Must attend 80% of F3S meetings and events

·         Annual Activities Report

o    We will submit our official F3S roster to your department for the Annual Activities Report and Evaluation.

·         Professional Development

·         Networking with graduate students and faculty from diverse disciplines/fields

·         Leadership Experience

·         Conference planning, organizing and hosting experience

·         Add unique credentials to your CV

·         University-wide recognition at the Conference of the Social Sciences


This year we are celebrating our 10th Anniversary! We look forward to an exciting and rewarding year.



If you are interested in joining, please click here: F3S Membership Survey.

If you have questions, contact Micah E. Johnson: [log in to unmask]