Date:     September 9th, 2014


To:          All UF Graduate Students


From:    Gator McKnights Unite


RE:          Invitation to UF GMU Welcome Event on 9/15/14 in 2318 Turlington Hall






5:30PM, TUR 2318


In case you haven’t heard, GMU is a recently formed student organization that is focused on using peer mentorship to achieve greater success for McKnight Fellows and other graduate students at the University of Florida. Using the abundance of advanced training that McKnight Fellows have received from the Florida Education Fund, GMU is focused on ensuring that ALL graduate students at the University of Florida have the knowledge, skill, and abilities to become significant contributors to the field through the professoriate and/ or industry work.


Please come join GMU in working together to elevate professional and personal development for graduate students throughout UF.  As a collective, there is a vast amount of expertise and experiences that can be translated through mentorship to help promote the retention and graduation of doctoral students at the University of Florida. Overall, the goal is to get the DEGREE and this organization is dedicated to using the resources available to graduate students to make that happen.


We can help YOU!

Are YOU willing to help someone else?




Can we help you identify and access resources?                                                                                                Join GMU for our workshop on October 15th, 2014

Have you identified external grants and fellowships?                                                                                      Join GMU for our workshop on February 16th, 2015

Do you need help with Conflict Management?                                                                                                   Join GMU for our workshop on March 16th, 2015

Have you considered what you should be doing to prepare for life after graduate school?            Join GMU for our workshop on April 15th, 2015


We look forward to seeing you there!






Danielle Tolson, M.A. , CPS

McKnight Doctoral Fellow

President of Gator McKnights Unite

PhD Student and Instructor

Department of Sociology and Criminology & Law

University of Florida