Good afternoon, learning assistance professionals,

I'm new to this listserve and hope you all can help.

I'm the grant writer for the Virginia Community College System Office. We sponsor a program at 17 of Virginia's Community Colleges called Great Expectations Education Program for Foster Youth, which helps foster youth make the transition to college and be successful.

We're in discussion with a local foundation that funds technology and they have agreed to entertain a proposal from us to fund Tablets and learning apps to help our foster youth build their skills.
While we can certainly put together a proposal to them for this specific activity, we'd like to craft a wider, evidence-based strategy to ensure that we know where we're going with this concept and make sure it's strong enough to attract other funding sources for sustainability and scaling in the future.

First of all, we want to have some evidence that using Tablets actually has some value for community college students in general and/or for foster youth and/or for low-skilled students, etc.
Second, we'd like best practices for implementing something like this. We certainly have to train our campus coaches who work daily with these students, so they can facilitate the use of these tablets. We'll probably hire someone to choose the Tablets and the apps and train our coaches.
Third, we need to have a plan for integrating this with each college's learning center and perhaps expanding to other underserved populations. Some of our colleges have robust learning centers with all the bells and whistles open to all students; some have limited tutoring funded by a specific grant that limits capacity and eligibility, etc.
Eventually, we'd love for our foster youth participants to be fully understood and well-served by our college learning centers and also have the foster youth understand how to use the centers to achieve their educational goals.

So, if you have information and suggestions that would support any piece or part of this concept, I'd love to hear from you.

I'm not sure what the protocol is for this listserve, but if you reply to me directly I'd be happy to compile all the answers and suggestions and post a single response back to the list.


Lynn Seuffert
Director of Grant Development and Administration

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Institutional Advancement
Virginia Community College System
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