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ABSTRACT: In response to my post "Can the Cognitive Impact of Calculus Courses be Enhanced?" [Hake (2013)] at <> (2.7 MB), Ed Dubinsky (2013) at <> of the RUME (Research in Undergraduate Math Education) list made 6 points which I have abbreviated below and to which I respond in this post:

1. "I agree with most of what you wrote."

2. "As far as I know, 'UME Trends' has not been archived. . . . the articles are historically important because they represent a major turning point in the mathematical community towards undergraduate education."

3. "I think more has gone on in MER during the last 20 years than is indicated in your piece. There is a special interest group SIGMAA ON RUME, which stands for Special Interest Group of the MAA on Research in Undergraduate Mathematics Education."

4. "I think we who work in RUME must acknowledge our debt to Physics Education Research."

5. "I am not quite as enthusiastic about CCI as you are. . . . . How are you going to keep the educational community from using CCI to 'teach to the test' and even to cheat?"

6. "I wonder what you have to say about the C4L calculus reform project that we developed at Purdue and was funded by the NSF Calculus Reform movement?" **************************************************

To access the complete 152 kB post please click on <>.To access the complete 152 kB post please click on <>. The abstract and link to the complete post are being transmitted to various discussion lists and are on my blog "Hake'sEdStuff" at <> with a provision for comments. 

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