Some subscribers to LrnAsst might be interested in a "Math Education Bibliography" that was included on pages 42-83 of a recent essay "Can the Cognitive Impact of Calculus Courses be Enhanced?" [Hake (2013)] at <> (2.7 MB)

 The bibliography contains over 400 hot-linked URLs and references, including: 

 (a) 3 articles due (or due in part) to Joan Ferrini-Mundy <>, NSF Assistant Director for Education and Human Resources; 

 (b) a YouTube talk "Joan FERRINI-MUNDY on STEM Education Research Areas"; and 

 (c) 3 articles by MSU Distinguished Professor William Schmidt <>, among them "U.S. students need new way of learning science" [Schmidt (2012a)]. The latter discusses the PROM/SE project "Promoting Rigorous Outcomes in Mathematics and Science Education" at <>.

 References in categories a, b, and c are in the REFERENCE list below preceded by double asterisks**.

 An ERRATUM is in order: One of the references in the Math Education Bibliography section of my essay is "Berkeley Websites. . . ." [Schoenfeld (2013a)]. Therein I wrote: "A former Berkeley website, containing links to many of Schoenfeld’s articles, seems to have vanished from the web."  CORRECTION: Over 15 links to Schoenfeld's articles have recently been made available at <>, as indicated in the revised reference below to Schoenfeld (2013a). 

 Richard Hake, Emeritus Professor of Physics, Indiana University; LINKS TO: Academia <>; Articles <>; Blog <>; Facebook <>; GooglePlus <>; Google Scholar <>; Linked In <>; Research Gate <>; Socratic Dialogue Inducing (SDI) Labs <>; Twitter <>.


REFERENCES [All URLs shortened by <> and accessed on 15 Jan 2014.]

 **Ball, D.L., J. FERRINI-MUNDY, J. Kilpatrick, R.J. Milgram, Wilfred Schmid, & R. Schaar, "Reaching for Common Ground in K-12 Mathematics Education," in Notices of the AMS 52: 1055-1058; online as a 49 kB pdf at <>.

 ** FERRINI-MUNDY, J. & K.G. Graham. 1991. "An Overview of the Calculus Curriculum Reform Effort: Issues for Learning, Teaching, and Curriculum Development," American Mathematical Monthly 98(7): 627-635; the first paragraph is online at <>. An ERIC abstract is online at <>.

 **FERRINI-MUNDY, J. YouTube video "Joan FERRINI-MUNDY on STEM Education Research Areas," online at <>, 332 views as of 15 Jan 2014 13:24-0800.

 **Graham, K. G., and J. FERRINI-MUNDY. 1989. "An Exploration of Student Understanding of Central Concepts in Calculus," paper presented at the Annual Meeting of the American Educational Research Association. I’ve not found an online version.

 Hake, R.R. 2013. "Can the Cognitive Impact of Calculus Courses be Enhanced?" An update of 26 Dec 2013 of an invited talk of 24 April 2012, Department of Mathematics, University of Southern California, online as a 2.7 MB pdf at <> and as ref. 70 at <>. The abstract and link are being transmitted to various discussion lists and are also on my blog "Hake'sEdStuff" at <> with a provision for comments.

  **Lauten, D., K. Graham, and J. FERRINI-MUNDY. 1999. "Increasing the Dialogue About Calculus with a Questionnaire" in Assessment Practices in Undergraduate Mathematics [Gold et al. (1999, pp. 237-240)] at <>.

  **SCHMIDT, W. 2011. "Want better math teachers? Train them better, scholar argues?" 09 June; online at <>.

 ** SCHMIDT, W. 2012a. "U.S. students need new way of learning science," 05 April; online at <>.

  ** SCHMIDT, W. 2012b. "Study supports move toward common math standards," 05 Nov; online at <>.

 Schoenfeld, A.H. 2013a. Berkeley Websites: (a) Functions Research Group <>; (b) Algebra Teaching Study <>; (c) Mathematics Assessment Project <>; (d) Formative Assessment with Computational Technologies (FACT) <>; (e) Alan Schoenfeld's Downloadable Publications <>.  
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