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Dear SOCNET members

I am currently in the process of developing a survey to capture the networks of 
relations that contribute to medical students' learning experiences in service-
based placements (think student-run clinics). 
We know that students learn and progress in various dimensions during these 
placements, including their clinical skills, their personal professional 
development, and their understanding of the health system in general.

However, I have been struggling to find publications that approach this kind of 
learning from a relational perspective - and I was hoping some of you could 
give me a lead here. I am especially looking for (ideally validated) quantitative 
surveys that address relationships with role models, mentors, supervisors, 
teachers, supporting peers, and patients, etc.

Any hints would be greatly appreciated.



Fabian P Held, PhD

Research Associate in Computational Modelling

Integrative Systems Lab
Charles Perkins Centre
NSW | 2006 | Australia

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