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Dear all

with colleagues of the Mitchell Centre (Martin Everett, Johan Koskinen, Nick Crossley, Mark Tranmer and Gemma Edwards) we are writing a book for Sage on egonetworks. Johan Koskinen and I are writing the chapter on the analysis of dynamics of egonets, using both the descriptive measures of longitudinal egonets in Ucinet and more advanced stuff in siena.

However, we are struggling to find a dataset that we can use as an example. I was wondering if anyone in this list have some data they might be happy to share with us - few independent egonets measured at least at two different time points, with attributes. As we only need to use them as a trial for the analysis, we don't need a large number of cases, or anything specific in terms of sampling.

If anyone has some data, and are happy to share them with us, we will obviously cite them in the book (published data would be preferable, as we can directly reference the publication) and then provide back with our analysis (that might be used for further publications).

If not, is anybody aware of any data repository, or could please circulate this mail further?

thanks a lot, and see you in sunny Florida!

Elisa Bellotti
Department of Sociology
Mitchell Centre for Social Network Analysis

University of Manchester
Arthur Lewis Building
Bridgeford Street
Manchester M13 9PL

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