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Dear listmates:
If you responded to our call for abstracts of above special track at Sunbelt XXXIV Conference (http://www.sunbelt2014.org/), this message is for you. Otherwise, please ignore this post.
First of all, please be aware that the panel organizers are NOT part of conference organization committee. Therefore we do not have access to your abstract submission information unless you email us directly. 
By this time, you should have received the acceptance letters from the conference committee. It appears that some people submitted their abstract with the intention to join our panel but were assigned to a different panel. If this applies to you, please do not be discouraged. We had some dialogues with the conference committee members in the past couple of weeks. The committee has not fully integrated the special panel request yet, primarily for the following three reasons:
1) Some authors did not register for the conference. The conference committee cannot guarantee your special panel request until you register by January 8th.
2) Space limitations but they are working on it. They may do back to back panels if there are more than 5 submissions. I am already aware of 5, enough to fill up one session. If you haven’t  done so, please let me know that you have submitted for our special panel, include your abstract, title and current panel assignment.
3) Possibly, at least for some, there are some database errors or confusion caused your special request, abstract, registration, or author list incorrectly labeled.
In summary, if you have submitted abstract by the conference deadline hope to join our special panel, but not sure whether or  not you are on the right panel, please register the conference immediately, contact the conference committee, and copy that email to me.
Happy New Year! And hope to meet you next month.
JiangHong Li, Thomas Valente, Robert Heimer, Mark Handcock
Jianghong Li, M.D., M.S.
Senior Research Scientist
Institute for Community Research
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