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Hi all.

I recently noticed that Guilherme Kenji Chihaya has proposed a new Network Science StackExchange site. Briefly, StackExchange is a gamified question and answer site. The Network Science proposal site must go through a number of phases to become a full fledged Q and A site. If you appreciate the value of StackExchange, and the value such a new site might have for network science, please drop by and play a role in getting it through the proposal process.


The current requirements to get through the "Definition" phase are 40 more followers and 40 total sample questions with at least 10 "upvotes." The idea is to decide as a group what we think this site should be focused on by voting which questions we think are good. So ask and cast some votes.

For what it's worth, I have no role in this proposal other than a follower who has supplied one sample question. Thanks for reading, and for great discussion in general over the years.


Nathan Doogan
Doctoral Candidate--Social Work
The Ohio State University
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