I need someone with a bigger brain than mine to help me understand if the 
data management concepts of System of Record and Systems of Reference 
relate or translate to RIM. In data management, a System of Record is the 
authoritative source for a piece of data (?There can be only one!?) while 
a System of Reference (or consuming system?) extracts selected data from a 
System of Record for a specific purpose or task. From that System of 
Reference other Systems of Reference can derive selected data for a 
specific purpose or task. If you applied the RIM principles of "primary 
copy"  or "record copy" to this, the System of Record would be the system 
to which the retention period for that record would be applied, and 
Systems of Reference would be copies. But a System of Reference now has a 
discrete set of data for a specific purpose, and so would itself be a 
distinct record series, and the same could be said for consuming systems 
downstream, even though the data they contain are copies of data from the 
systems upstream. 

So can you make general RIM policy statements about retaining Systems of 
Reference as related to Systems of Record? Is retention driven by uses 
downstream or sources upstream? Or is each system its own record series 
whose retention is driven by the function that uses it, and so no 
relationship generalities for policy sake can be made about Systems of 
Record vs. Systems of Reference, at least in terms of RIM? 

(My brain hurts.)

Gary Link
Pittsburgh, PA
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