Wow. Did you really just type that, Glenn?

Sorry but I'm an IT guy. I know many many many many IT folk who will and do
understand records management. I know more than a double handful of very
experienced and skilled RM folk who began their careers as IT folk. And I
know that if I made a similar sort of comment tarring "all RM folk" as
people who deliberately do not understand electronic records and always
insist records management means just paper and just records, the opprobrium
and vitriol directed in my general direction would cause the listserv
server to melt.

In my experience it is attitudes like Glenn's that are the cause of an
awful lot of issues between people who should be on the same team pulling
in the same direction.

Not respectfully at all,

Jesse "just some dumb monosyllabic IT guy" Wilkins, CIP, CRM, IGP
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