Dear Alexei

A few more old papers on ossicle formation

Hrouard 1912. Sur une loi de formation des corpuscules calcaires,..... Bull Soc Zool France 27: 46-51

Hrouard 1925. ur la stromtrie des corpuscules calcaires;;; Bull Insti Ocanograph Monaco. 464: 1-14

Hrouard 1887. Sur la formation des corpuscules calcaires chez les holothuries. Compte rendu hebdomadaires des Scances de l'Acadmie des sciences de PAris 105(19): 875-876.

Panning 1928. Uber das optische Verhalten der Kalkkrper;;;Zeitschr f. wiss. Zoologie  132: 95-104.

Panning 1929 Zur Kristalloptik der Kalkkrper... Mitteil. Zoologisch Staatinst und Zool Mus in Hamburg 44: 47-56

Panning 1931 Uber die Kristalloptik der Kalkkrper der Seewalzen. Zool Jahrbcher Abt allgemeine Zool und Physiol der Tiiere 49(2): 205-230

Panning 1933. Uber die natur der Kallkrper der Seewalzen. Zool Jahrbcher Abt Anatr ontogenie Tiere 57(1): 116-136.

Schmidt W J; 1930. Die Skeletstcke der  Stachel hauter als Biokristalle.Zool Jahrbucher Abt Alg. Zool und Physiol Tiere 47(3): 357-510

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And a couple more of Woodland - attached


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Hi Алексей,


The old stuff is also still very useful ... e.g.


Ludwig, H. 1892: Über die Rädchen der Synaptiden. Zeitschrift für wissenschaftliche Zoologie 54 (1/2): 350-364, pl. XVI.


Woodland, W. (1907): Studies in Spicule Formation VII.: The Scleroblastic Development of the Plate- and Anchor Spicules of Synapta, and of the Wheel Spicules of the Auricularia Larva. The Quarterly Journal of Microscopic Science 51 (3): 483-509, pl. 29-30.


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PS: I will send you the copies of these both in a separate Email...


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Hi Alexey Here are a couple.  Cheers Gustav


Stricker, Stephen A. "The ultrastructure and formation of the calcareous ossicles in the body wall of the sea cucumber Leptosynapta clarki (Echinodermata, Holothuroida)." Zoomorphology 105, no. 4 (1985): 209-222.


Stricker, Stephen A. "The fine structure and development of calcified skeletal elements in the body wall of holothurian echinoderms." Journal of morphology188, no. 3 (1986): 273-288.




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Dear Colleagues,

I would be very grateful for bibliographic references about holothurian spicules formation and development.

Thanks in advance,


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