Hello everyone,

Bohadschia certainly needs more work. We now have a pretty good idea about the Pacific spp., but the Indian and Red Sea spp. need more attention.

Chantal, is there a ventral shot of this beast? The photographed specimen resembles a form reported from Sri Lanka. Please see attached photo sent by Chamari last year. I believe there was another record of this form from the Indian Ocean, but I could not find the specific email. This form certainly resembles the argus X vitiensis hybrid, but details appear quite different from the argus X vitiensis hybrid. For argus X vitiensis hybrid, the bodywall coloration is uniformly that of vitiensis, either brown or cream on both dorsum and ventrum. Plus, the spots for hybrids are uniform in size.

As Gustav would say, a tissue sample and voucher specimen could tell us much about this form..


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Hi Chantal

this is the one Sven and I call 'spotty' - the hybrid with argus as one parent



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Hi Yves

Since I read the paper 2013 (thanks Franck), it looks funny to me also, as
there are no B. argus in the IO....meaning other hybridation ...

Bohadschia stories are not closed!!!

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 Hi all

Same appeared to me... but a bit problematic as 'B maculisparsa' is not
supposed to be in the Indian Ocean. B. atra hybridizes too?

Cheers - Yves

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Dear Chantal,

This looks like another example of whatSun, Alex and Gustav nominated as
a '...putative *argus-vitiensis* hybrid with *vitiensis* background
colour and ocellar spots similar to *argus*'. This is in their 2013 paper

in the Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society (Colour, confusion, and
crossing: resolution of species problems in *Bohadschia* (Echinodermata:



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Dear colleagues

I just received this photo (without sample nor spicules) from Mauritius, I
believe it is a Bohadschia, but which species please?
Best regards from Paris

Chantal Conand