Dear Francois, Kris and all,
It seems I was having trouble with the dratted machine!! Hopefully now
I think there were 3 species (as follows);
The first is I think Holothuria dakarensis (though possibly H. tubulosa as
Panning described dakarensis as a subspecies of tubulosa. I did discuss this
in my 1969 paper, but knowledge has moved on somewhat in the intervening
years!) The second species looks like Holothuria (Platyperona) sanctori as
suggested by Chantal. The third species may rather be Holothuria mammata
(rather than a stichopodid). These are only suggestions, in the absence of
any further help e.g. spicule images)
A possible (old) help might be Panning's 1939 paper 'Holothurien von den
Kanaren und von Dakar. Vidensk. Meddr. dansk naturh. Foren. 103:523-546,
figs 1-11'
a) hope this is of use; b) hope it gets through!!
Best regards,


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Subject: Fwd: Trans. : holothurians of the Dakar area

Hello all,

  I received these cuke pictures taken from Dakar, Sénégal by a French
naturalist who is getting worried about Chinese prospectors who want to
harvest them. I'm not familiar with the fauna, but maybe some of you are. Do
you have any IDs?


  -- François