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Dear all,

I would like to invite you to submit abstracts to the session: ‘Kinship
Networks: the Interplay between New Forms of Family, Geographical
Mobility, Life Course and Intergenerational Relations’, at the 1st
European Social Networks Conference, Barcelona July 2014.

“Kinship Networks: the Interplay between New Forms of Family, Geographical
Mobility, Life Course and Intergenerational Relations

Verónica de Miguel-Luken, Luis Ayuso-Sánchez & Livia García-Faroldi
(University of Malaga, Spain)

Family has been traditionally seen as the main focus of social support.
However, dynamics of family networks are affected by different
socio-demographic factors.

First, family formation patterns have changed in recent times and the
diverse models of new families give rise to a variety of models of kin
support networks. For instance, children from divorced parents may have
access to broader but sparser family knits, while children from
single-parent families may be embedded in smaller but denser family
networks. Also, family projects and decisions may be influenced by the
availability of resources through kinship ties (e.g. decision of
having/not having children).

Second, increased mobility may affect the composition, structure and
function of kin networks. For instance, migration may lead to the
formation of mixed couples for which extended family networks may be
heterogeneous in terms of geographical or ethnic origins, with strong
implications for the integration process. Mobility may also change the
roles of kin ties, since instrumental help is still highly dependent on
spatial proximity.
Finally, demographic factors such as the life expectancy enlargement or
the lower number of siblings also shape the structure and composition of
kin networks, affecting the extent and type of support that can be
actually exchanged.

The session will focus on the relation between family formation patterns
and sociodemographic tendencies on the one hand and the composition,
structure, support functions, or dynamics of kinship networks on the

Abstract submissions are due by the 1st of APRIL 2014.

Best regards,
Verónica de Miguel Luken
Dpto. de Derecho del Estado y Sociología
Ftad. de CC. Económicas y Empresariales
Universidad de Malaga
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