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Dear Socnet mailing list members.

Pajek and PajekXXL 3.15 are now available. 
This version brings improvements in memory management.
There is only one 32 bit version available from this version on -
Pajek32 always uses all available computer memory - up to 4G for 32 bit windows.

Among other small improvements and speed-ups (see history) version 3.15 brings:
Additional options for transforming network and partition to
multiple relations networks added
Operations/Network+Partition/Expand Partition/Make Multiple Relations Network
Several improvements made to:
a) make Pajek better compatible with Windows 8.1,
b) ensure efficient usage of computer memories 32G or larger.


Juergen Pfeffer programmed a new version of program txt2Pajek (version 3).
Program is used for transfroming delimited txt files to Pajek:
Among other improvements txt2Pajek enables now to
generate Unicode Pajek files, multirelational networks and
partition/vectors files as well.
New version of manual and some test examples
can be found on the same page too.


Program socilab.com by Craig Tutterow is now extened
to produce Pajek NET files of a user's LinkedIn network:
After loading to Pajek you can remove ego - "me" (vertex 1)
from the network using

Network/Create New Network/Transform/Remove Selected Vertices
and entering 1.


You are welcome to check the history and download Pajek 3.15 at:
or (mirror)
With best wishes.
Andrej Mrvar
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