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I am currently looking for guidance on the development and design of a study to include SNA (more details are below if you'd like further information). Many articles and texts detail the concepts and interpretation of social network analysis. However, as a beginner, I am looking to resources on how to design the survey, how to collect network data, and how to correlate the SNA data with survey data while also maintaining anonymity. I would appreciate any resources which offer a clear step-by-step process.  Additionally, my inexperience may require hiring an expert to help in the design and analysis stages. If there are any interested parties, please feel free to contact me.

Thank you for your time and assistance.
Lacey Benns
Preliminary study details (thesis for the completion of EdD)
The study will examine the phenomenon of emotional contagion at the organizational level. I plan to collect data on expressive networks within a single organization which will be used to indicate network clusters. I then hope to compare scores for two variables (job-related emotions and perception of organizational climate) among the clusters. Significant differences of scores among clusters may indicate the presence of emotional contagion. 
As is painfully obvious, the study is still in the early stages and any assistance or resources to help move forward would be appreciated.
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