Hey everyone,
This is the last email (until the Fall) about Relay. Thank you to all who
helped make decorations it really made things easier! We will not have
meeting tomorrow to make decorations. If you signed up to help set up meet
at the O'Connell Center please meet at 4:00. Call me when you get there if
you can't find me. Our campsite is #61 on the upper level.

If you are not registered and you leave before 12am you CANNOT come back,
however if you are not registered you can stay the night as long as you
don't leave before midnight.

As for shirts they gave me 1 shirt for every $100 we raised. We got 25
shirts and not every one will get one. First the people who raised the most
will get one then from there whoever registered first will get one. If you
don't get a shirt wear your CHSC shirt.

If you are staying the night, pretend its a sleepover so bring what ever
you would bring to a sleep over. Bring CASH, walking shoes, change of
clothes etc. Your own chair because I don't have enough for everyone.

Keep in mind these time for when you get there
Boxcar lap 7:25
Superhero lap (bring leggings, blankets as capes, and I will provide some
masks) 8:40
Hair Donations 10:30
Mr. Relay Midnight (my favorite)
Gator Lap (bring your crazy gator) 12:45
Fashion Show 1:30
Team Lap (cute dresses with candy, any video game costume) 2:30
Survivor strong lap 3:45

Remember going to Relay is a fundraising point so make sure you sign in
with me and don't leave without signing in.

If you have any questions please find me on Facebook (Daisy Renteria)
because I won't have time to check this email.  7722046063

I'll see you all tomorrow!!!

 -Daisy Renteria
Relay for Life Captain
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Community Health Service Corps
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