Hello BESTers,

This week was Earth Day and in honor of that, the University of 
California-Davis (UCD) had their grand opening of their new food waste 
digester.  The digester, constructed on the closed UCD landfill, is the 
largest on-campus digester in the nation and will digest 50 tons of food 
waste per day.  Half of this will be food waste and other organic waste 
from the UCD campus, while the remaining will come from the surrounding 
community.  UCD professor, Dr. Ruihong Zhang, designed the digestion 
system, and the company that licensed and constructed the digester, 
CleanWorld, is headed by two UCD alumni.  This project clearly makes the 
case for universities being living laboratories, where sustainable 
technology can go from the lab bench to full scale commercial operation.

Have a great weekend,

Video of the project:

On Earth Day, UC Davis unveils 'biodigester' that turns waste into 
Daily Democrat
Kat Kerlin
April 22, 2014