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After 29 years and $200 million Algenol has discovered how to produce algae biofuel at only $1.27 per gallon. This process is a significant improvement on biofuel yield, producing 8,000 gallons per acre/per year. Such efficient production compares favorably to sugar cane (800 gallons per acre/ per year) and corn (420 gallons per acre/per year). It is especially important to note that this process is more sustainable than other methods in that no arable land is used to produce the biofuel. This process uses flexible plastic film photobioreactors to grow blue-green algae with saltwater and carbon dioxide to produce sugars which are converted into ethanol and biomass. The process is not only sustainable in that it is a potential leader in biofuel/ethanol production, but it also produces 1.4 gallons of clean water per gallon of fuel. 

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Brett Nelson
University Scholar - CALS
Derek Markham

Algae Biofuel Process by Algenol Yields 8000 Gallons per Acre at $1.27 per Gallon