Hey all:  Semester evaluations of courses will open up on 4/12.  You should get reminders when this happens, and I'll also remind you.

As those of you who have taken courses with me in the past already know, this is *very* important to me.   I really am not happy unless we achieve 100% student evaluation.  Some of this is methodological (we do not want missing data, and we especially do not want biased missing data).  More importantly, while I like to benchmark class feelings against previous years, I'm much more interested in the verbal comments.  As I think most of you have seen, I try to make revisions based on comments, or use areas of concern or appreciation to clarify or retain certain aspects of our processes.

Something that is also important about evaluations is student empowerment.  They are your most obvious way of telling faculty members' employers when they are doing a good job or a bad job. Evaluation data are CRITICAL for faculty on the tenure track, but I think such data are essential for everyone. Evaluations are the basis for continuous quality improvement.

With that preamble, please watch out for the evals and do them.  If anyone wants to be reminded of what the questions are, here is a non-official version of the questions: . Please don't fill out that qualtrics survey, since the official UF will come through

I know evaluations are a hassle, because they can take 10-15 minutes per class, you have multiple classes, and they come at the worst/busiest time of the semester.  We're working centrally at UF to see if we can fix some of those problems.  But in the meantime, I personally appreciate your effort.

Thanks in advance, Michael


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