I got notification that those of you who have not yet completed evaluations got a prompt last night.  (Your confidentiality is protected...I don't know who received the email).

The good news is that more than half of you (54% of CLP 6527; 60% of CLP 7934) have completed evals. The bad news is that we've made very little progress during the week. Bear in mind that some of you have as few as 7 days left to compete your evaluations before the system closes.

As you get ready to head into the weekend, please don't forget.  Just take a few minutes and complete the evals, okay?  I thank you in advance!  Michael


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Email Subject: UF Faculty Evaluations Due

We noticed that you haven't completed your online faculty evaluation yet for some or all of your courses for this semester. Your input is essential to make the faculty evaluation process work. Most evaluations are due at the end of reading days or before final exams begin but can be due earlier. So please go to the following site to complete your faculty evaluations now:

Thank you for your participation.