I wish you the best of luck with the final exam.  I've been impressed with how much knowledge and growth you've all shown, so I'm sure you'll do well!  My positive thoughts are with you.

The exam is in Sakai (you should now be able to see it, and it you will be able to click it open at 4 pm).  You will have 120 minutes to answer 50 multiple choice questions. Please choose the one best answer for each. It is open book. I have edited it to include only the material we covered this semester. Some "best practices" from Sakai staff follow below.  But a few additional notes:

Remember you can flag any item to revisit it later.  But always make a guess (so you don't run the risk of the exam closing without an answer), and then revisit.
You will be able to revise all answers until you submit as final. After that point, your scores will be final.
Raw scores will be adjusted, so the final raw score is actually not very meaningful.  Don't think about that number too much...I'll provide final rescaled information as soon as possible
There is no penalty for guessing

I will be online during your exam, so you can send concerns (e.g., "I can't see this graphic" to me).  If you get kicked out of Sakai, try to jump right back in.  If you can't get back in, please email me but also follow the steps below

Per Learning Support Services:

(1)    Make sure you have a dependable internet connection; WIRED rather than wireless if at all possible.

(2)    Use Firefox, Chrome, or Internet Explorer browser with the latest updates. Do NOT use Safari!

(3)    Make sure you read your instructions carefully before beginning the exam. Once you begin the exam, the timer will continue to run until your time expires.

(4)    DO NOT use your browser back and forward buttons. Always navigate within e-Learning. (If you hit "next" or "previous" after each item, your existing response will save)

(5)    Clicking the Table of Contents will save your questions.

(6)    If you lose internet connection, or your browser crashes, the timer will continue to count down. Log back in as quickly as possible and resume the test!

(7)    If you encounter any unexpected behavior (error messages, inability to log in, etc.,) take a screen shot of the problem (Print Scrn) and paste (CTRL+V) into a program like Word or Paint. Save this file. This is important so that your instructor knows your problem is legitimate, and to assist the UF Computing Help Desk in helping you fix the problem.

(8)    If you encounter problems that prevent you from taking the exam, immediately call the UF Computing Help Desk at 352-392-4357. Keep the ticket number for future reference.

(9)    When you are done with your exam, be sure you submit it! If you do not see a successful submission message, your test is still in progress. Take a screen shot of your submission page in case there is ever a question about your submission.

What do I do if I encounter problems while taking a test, quiz, or assessment?

If you have a problem while taking an Assessment, log out and log back in as quickly as possible. If the assessment is timed, the timer will continue to run while you are logged out. If you still encounter difficulties, take a screen shot of the problem so the Help Desk can investigate and you will have proof of the problem for your Instructor. Call the Help Desk (352-392-4357) immediately.

Best of luck!  Michael


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