We actually use several different systems here (which I don’t really recommend, but may be inevitable). Our tutoring and SI programs use TutorTrac. Our Early Alert and other student support services use MAP-Works. Academic advising uses another system yet, but I think they are trying to switch over to MAP-Works as well. Career Services uses yet another program (I can’t remember the name right now).

Whichever system you use, I think that you want it to have four essential features/components:

(1) it should read student (and ideally faculty) data from your student database system;

(2) it should facilitate whatever scheduling/booking model you use (walk-in queue, web-based appointments, whatever);

(3) it should record whatever information you want to keep about whatever services you provide within your office; and

(4) it should be able to report the data in all the ways that you might need.

A very helpful, though not strictly necessary, feature is

(5) it should do all of the above in an intuitive and user-friendly manner.

Happy to provide further details on our systems if you need them,

Jered Wasburn-Moses
Math Center Coordinator
Success Skills Coordinator
Learning Assistance Programs
Northern Kentucky University<>
University Center 170F
(859) 572-5779

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Subject: Tracking Student Contacts

Hello all

In reviewing current procedures, we are looking to revamp how we track student contacts/interventions.  Each support specialist logs contacts informally, but we want to be able to have a database that compile all contacts so we can produce reports and substantiate services.

Would anyone be willing to provide insight as to how your center tracks and records this data?  What have you found is helpful?  What does not work?

Thanks and have a great day!

Casey Cowburn

Student Success Center

Alfred State


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