We use it for tutoring, advising and early alert. Feel free to contact me directly (off listerv).

Tosha Giuffrida, Assistant Director
Learning Center
Fresno State
d: 559.278.5716
o: 559.277.8370

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From: Johnny Elsner <[log in to unmask]> 
Date: 04/24/2014  7:19 AM  (GMT-08:00) 
To: [log in to unmask] 
Subject: gradesfirst 
Hi folks, I was just wondering how many colleges are using gradesfirst for
tutoring. We use it here at Kirtland Community College to schedule tutoring
sessions and run reports, and we're trying to implement it for advising and
financial aid. Is anyone else using it too? I'd love to hear how other
people are using it.


Johnny R. Elsner
English/Language Arts Lead Tutor
Kirtland Community College
989-275-5000 ext.430

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