The term notemaking has a long history...particularly across the pond.

Hughes, R. T. (1925). Hints on notemaking in science and mathematics for students and teachers. London: G. Bell & Sons.

Somervell, D. C. (1925). Hints on notemaking in English subjects. London: G. Bell & Sons.

While I usually do not push the work our team authored...the NOTES training system may be of interest.  It too is a bit old, but could be refined for an age of technology.

Stahl, N.A.,King, J.R., & Henk, W.A. (1991). Enhancing students' notetaking through systematic, 
self-directedtraining and evaluation procedures.  Journal of Reading, 34 (8),614-623.  

 You can get a copy on JSTOR for no charge.

Norman Stahl
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