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New Social Network Links Organizations Involved in College Completion Drive
By Caralee Adams on April 28, 2014 10:08 AM

To better track and share efforts being made to increase college completion, the Lumina Foundation announced on Friday the launch of a new online social network, MoveEd for Goal 2025, at
Several organizations, such as America's Promise Alliance, the Student African American Brotherhood, and First Generation Film, have joined and posted information about their work on the website. An interactive map of the United States provides users with a visual take on where activity is happening by state. The idea is to allow groups to highlight what has worked in hopes that best practices will be replicated.
The title of the social network is a reference to Lumina's goal that 60 percent of Americans obtain a high-quality certificate or degree by the year 2025. 
(The Lumina Foundation supports coverage of P-16 alignment in Education Week.)

Norman Stahl
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