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Hi.  I’m looking for articles on how to handle missing data in network 
research.  How should network measures be modified?  What good ways are 
there of imputing values for the missing data?  Thanks in advance.

Phillip Bonacich
Professor Emeritus of Sociology
University of California, Los Angeles

some more:

Gill, Jeff and John R. Freeman (2013). Dynamic elicited priors for 
updating covert networks. Network Science, 1, pp 6894 doi:10.1017/nws.2012.6

Handcock, M. S., & Gile, K. J. (2010). Modeling social networks from 
sampled data. Annals of Applied Statistics, 4, 5–25.

Koskinen, Johan H., Garry L. Robins, and Philippa E. Pattison. 
"Analysing exponential random graph (p-star) models with missing data 
using Bayesian data augmentation." Statistical Methodology 7.3 (2010): 

Koskinen, Johan, G. Robins, and P. Pattison. "Missing data in social 
networks: Problems and prospects for model-based inference." MelNet 
Social Networks Laboratory Technical Report (2011): 08-03.

Kossinets, G. (2006). Effects of missing data in social networks. Social 
Networks, 28, 247–268.
Rhodes, C. J., and P. Jones. "Inferring missing links in partially 
observed social networks." Journal of the operational research society 
60.10 (2009): 1373-1383.

Stork, Diana, and William D. Richards. "Nonrespondents in Communication 
Network Studies Problems and Possibilities." Group & Organization 
Management 17.2 (1992): 193-209.

Peter Carrington

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Dear Prof. Bonachic,

Few papers on how to handle missinga data in social network research:

  * Huisman, M. (2009): Effects of missing data in social networks.
    Journal of Social Structure, 10. Available
  * Huisman, M. and Steglich, C. (2008): Treatment of non-response in
    longitudinal network studies. Social networks, 30, 297-308.
  * Žnidaršič, A, , Ferligoj A., and  Doreian P.Non-response in social
    networks: The impact of different non-response treatments on the
    stability of blockmodels .Social Networks 34 (4), 438-450
  * Žnidaršič, A., Doreian, P., and, Ferligoj A. Absent Ties in Social
    Networks, their Treatments, and Blockmodeling Outcomes. Advances in
    Methodology & Statistics/Metodoloski zvezki 9 (2). Available at:

Anja Znidarsic
Assistant Professor of Quantitative Methods
University of Maribor, Slovenia

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Subject: [SOCNET] miissing data in networks
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