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For those interested in global network datasets, especially those with spatial information or longitudinal datasets, you might find the new GDELT Analysis Service of interest:


It is based on the GDELT Project (http://gdeltproject.org/), which monitors the global news media and catalogs events around the world, and the locations, people, organizations, and themes that underpin them.  

The new Analysis Service has a set of 14 tools that allow you to create Gephi network diagrams, centrality spreadsheets, Pajek files, and the like, creating network diagrams of people, organizations, themes, locations, etc, from the global news media.  It also supports geographically-enriched network files and the ability to create sequences of networks over time to explore how the structure is changing, including combining space, time, and relationship structure.  There are also a range of other visualizations, including time-coded Google Earth KML files, heatmaps, timelines, and other displays.  In a few weeks, GDELT will be transitioning from daily updates to updating every 15 minutes for the entire world, making it possible to explore how the world is changing (at least through the eyes of the global news media) in near-realtime.

In particular, the Network Analysis tool creates networks over the global news media and uses a hosted version of Gephi Toolkit to perform Force Atlas 2 layout and modularity finding, delivering the results as an interactive browser-based Sigma.js visualization, as well as the underlying Gephi file, a Pajek file, and a variety of centrality and other calculations from igraph.  The Geographic Network tool georeferences each node of the network, creating a geographic Gephi file, GraphViz file, and .KML file:

NETWORK ANALYSIS (shows analysis of Nigerian oil & gas sector):

GEOGRAPHIC NETWORK (analysis of sovereignty discussion):

And here are some of the other tools:

TIMEMAPPER (interactive time-coded Google Earth visual of Nigeria in 2014):

TIMEMAPPER 2 (another demo, this one of Rwanda):

HEATMAPS (shows areas with greatest volume of attacks on civilians thus far in 2014):

COUNTRY AND THEME TIMELINES (shows ukraine and russia sovereignty as well as china and iran):

TONE TIMELINES (shows putin gaining in strength after Crimean invasion):

TIMELINE (shows last 35 years of conflict in Egypt at daily level in a single visual):

WORDCLOUDS (shows word clouds of all world leaders and countries):

Thought many of you might find these tools and new datasets of great interest!

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