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 Preserving Electronically Stored Information When Employees Depart (Tip Of The Month) - Litigation, Mediation & Arbitration - United States

“It is unlikely that an employee in career transition (for whatever reason) is thinking about a former employer's legal obligation to preserve electronically stored information (ESI). Likewise, the IT department is focused on managing assets (e.g., PC's, laptops, tablets, smartphones) and server space (e.g., email servers and personal drives on network), and views an employee departure as an opportunity to reduce IT-related costs. Nevertheless, a company's obligation to preserve ESI relating to current or anticipated litigation remains in place regardless of any employee terminations or transitions.

Courts and regulators require that companies make good faith, reasonable efforts to preserve ESI of departing employees that is subject to a legal hold. Therefore, it is important for a company to implement procedures aimed at preserving and collecting, if necessary, ESI associated with its departing and transitioning employees.” – Peter Kurilecz

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