Afternoon birding at Seacrest Scrub is active. Yesterday from 4 to 5:30
Chadda, daughter, Kate,& II had usual 11 species with good numbers. Today
from 3 to 5:45 we 3 and Scott Scheinhaus, an avid birder from our area
who we haven't see for 5 years again got 11 species. Scott had birded the
scrub at 10 AM and is confident he saw a Nashville warbler and was
returning to verify the sighting. Unfortunately we couldn't relocate it
  The predominant bird of the day was Black & White warbler (36) and we
cover less than half the park. We had a good variety of non warblers as

  Details follow.

John Shelly
Boynton Beach, Palm Beach Co.

7   Am. Redstart 
36 Black & White
8 Blackpoll
9  Black-Throated Blue 
6  Cape May
5  Common Yellowthroat
4  N. Parula
24 Ovenbird
4 Prairie
3  Worm-Eating
1 N. Waterthrush
Others (besides regulars):
1  Coopers Hawk
1  Indigo Bunting (f)
1  Gray Catbird 
3 N. Roughwing Swallows
3 Chimney Swifts
20 Cedar Waxwings

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