Hi all:  As is my custom, I'm sharing the student evaluation data. (The comments appear virtually unedited, although I did make some paraphrases/edits solely to de-identify comments that I conjectured might be a bit too identifiable).

We are making some changes to this class going forward, and I *think* these will respond to many of the comments that showed up regarding interactivity, slowing down, etc.

As some of you know, in 2013-2014, we converted my first two classes (CLP 6527, 6528) to a "flipped classroom" format. After a bumpy start, this has gone very well.  At the crux of the flip is the idea that "what used to be lecture becomes homework; what used to be homework becomes in-class". What this means, concretely, is that in future offerings we will have students listen to the lectures BEFORE class.  Then, in class, we will break into small groups (3-4), and we will conduct the analyses covered in the lecture together.

(In the other two classes, the analyses done in class were similar to homework, but students still submitted independent homework; for this advanced class, especially since most of you did so well on the "output generation", I may not make these distinct, but instead literally do away with the "output generation" and substitute it with the in class material.  I am undecided.)

My hope is that this will provide a natural context to slow down, clarify, talk to me and each other.

Another shift we're making is changing the class to ANNUAL (instead of every-other-year).  That means I'm anticipating class sizes of 6-7 students.  If that is the case, then it will be possible to have a much more intensive, interactive experience.  We shall see. I'm excited about the prospect of improving the course, since many of the concerns you expressed are ones I shared.

Thank you for your participation and feedback!