An­­­­­­nouncement for the Certificate Roll-out


Important announcement for colleges and departments offering certificate programs!


The much anticipated administrative support system for certificate programs will become available this summer. This system, developed in cooperation with the Graduate School, Undergraduate Affairs, and the Division of Enrollment Management, will be used by all colleges and departments offering certificate programs.


Because SACS has determined that university issued certificates are academic credentials, this system will provide the necessary level of institutional oversight required for a UF academic credential. The system will accommodate determining eligibility and qualifications to pursue the certificate, as well as providing a student initiated application and online administrative approval for pursuit.  It is designed to integrate with systems that handle progress tracking, certification of completion, and the awarding of the credential posted on the UF transcript. The new system will standardize procedures and practices across campus while adding clarity for students and consistency for colleges and departments.


The Certificate System is designed to look and operate similar to our existing admission referral system. The intent is to minimize complexity and reduce training time. The system will accommodate students new to UF and currently enrolled students who intend to earn a certificate while pursuing their degree(s). Training for the new system will be done by instruction through the ISIS Admin website and should be announced in the coming weeks. Security for the system will be based on roles, more information will be provided in the training tutorial.


Rick Bryant, M.A.

Interim Sr. Associate Director

University of Florida

Office of Admissions

Division of Enrollment Management

201 Criser Hall

Gainesville, Fl. 32611

Fax 352 392-1853

Phone: 352 392-1365



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