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> How is this specific to Federal agencies-isn't it a fair description of
> MOST ORGANISATIONS, public-sector and private-sector; for-profit and
> not-for-profit; large, medium and small?

Every Jonny Carson needs a GOOD Ed MCMahon, so thanks for that, Fred.

You REALLY need me to tell you WHY it's specific to Federal Agencies??

Because they keep PUBLIC RECORDS, records that belong to the Citizens of
the United States... people like you n me and most everyone else on this

And there are Federal Regulations that specifically state WHAT constitutes
a record, and how records are to be managed, regardless of form or format.
And these aren't new regs... they've been around easily since the first
email was sent by a Federal employee in an Agency.   AND every Agency has
the requirement to do a self-assessment every other year and provide that
feedback to NARA, AND NARA has the obligation to spot check them for
completeness and accuracy and where they find them to be inaccurate, the IG
for that Agency will perform an inspection and write findings... and IG
reports require IMMEDIATE feedback form Agencies and corrective action
plans are developed jointly... and once ONE is done, every five years,
there is a follow-up.

So you might ask (as I have and I'm sure others have) WHY weren't these
problems pointed out in self assessment or IG reports when they happened in
real time, or since then?   And WE would be justified in asking those
questions of the Agencies and of the Inspector General's office and
ESPECIALLY OF NARA.  If NARA has been getting reports every two years form
Agencies highlighting these problems and not investigating them, or during
their checks finding the information to be incorrect and not going after
the Agencies... WHO DO YOU THINK is to blame?  The Agency or the
Watchdogs?  My money is on the Watchdogs. NARA, are you listening???

There is no question there's enough blame to go around and the primary
problems are: the aging workforce, the reduction is staffing of support
service functions in Agencies and a lack or knowledgeable IT staff and
funding for equipment and infrastructure. Or, a failure to allocate
sufficient funding to address a HUGE problem that continues getting larger
by the day.

Now on to Fred's excellent (and not overlooked) point about everyone else
in the world having a similar problem, I have to ask does it matter as much
to anyone OTHER THAN that organization?  And I think the answer is no...
unless that are regulated as well. AND IF THEY ARE, well, you can bet if
anyone goes after them, they're going to be holding up a mirror and
suggesting the Agency looks to cleaning up their own house before coming
after them.

You bet this is a problem for everyone, irrespective of the size of their
organization or how they are structured, but the FEDERAL AGENCIES are
managing information that belongs to YOU AND I as citizens... so shouldn't
they be the FIRST ONES to have their house in order?

Thank you Fred... I couldn't ask for a better straight man.

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