Hello BEST members,

In light of our Urban Planning/Architecture theme this week I dug up 
some information on how organizations are attempting to make building 
eco-friendly structures easier for citizens.
Flux is a Google X project that aims to let the building industry 
design eco-friendly building by utilizing 'big data' and letting the 
technology do a lot of the work. The software will include data sources 
on building codes and regulations, specifics about different building 
materials, software to calculate emissions and energy usage, and basic 
tools to design buildings all specific to the user's location.
In the USA, buildings account for 40% of total gas emissions. Flux 
could therefore become a tool to reduce this percentage by making it 
easier for builders and the general public to make building for energy 
efficient. If it is easier and more convenient to be eco-friendly, 
people are more likely to do it.
Flux is set to come out with their first product in 2015.

"Flux Emerges From Google X And Nabs $8M To Help Build Eco-Friendly 
by Ingrid Lunden

Thank you,

Luiza Costa
Undergraduate Intern
2014 BioEnergy & Sustainability School
Soil and Water Science Department
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