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Urban School Food Alliance involves six big-city school systems and 
their mission is to serve healthier food and keep costs down. The six 
public school systems are located in Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, New 
York, Orlando, and Miami. Their first initiative is replacing plastic 
foam lunch trays to compostable sugar cane plates. They are hoping to 
persuade the suppliers to create and sell healthier and more environment 
friendly products at reasonable prices. The next initiative is to offer 
students antibiotic-free chicken and possibly future initiatives that 
include pesticide-free fruit and goods with less packaging waste. But 
these benefits are not the only goals for they want these initiatives 
set an example that students will continue this lifestyle.

Sugar cane plates take longer to be produced and need more machinery to 
produce in volume. But if all goes as planned, compostable sugar cane 
plates will replace plastic foam lunch trays by September 2014 
nationwide. This is a great step for schools to become more sustainable 
which can exemplify to students.

"Urban Schools Aim for Environmental Revolution." Michael Wines. The 
New York Times.
December 1 2013


Natalie Chavez
Undergraduate Intern
2014 BioEnergy & Sustainability School
Soil and Water Science Department
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