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One of the leaders in the fight against food waste is the UK 
supermarket chain, Sainsbury.   This week the company announced that it 
is directly powering one of its stores using its own food waste.  The 
store, located in Cannock, Staffordshire, is sending all of its food 
waste to a nearby anaerobic digester, which happens to be the largest 
digester in the UK.  Electricity produced by the plant is then sent 
directly back to the store via a 1.5 km cable.  This type of project 
clearly illustrates the synergistic relationship between food waste 
generators and anaerobic digestion.  Let's hope this gains steam and 
becomes the standard practice for all grocery stores.

Also, from the UK.   This week British Parliament released a report 
detailing a push for a "circular economy" focused on ending a throw away 
society.  The report also calls for a ban on food waste to landfills.  
If these bans were to happen, the Sainsbury model could be adapted to 
not only prevent food waste in landfill but generate energy while doing 

Thanks to fellow BESTer Kathleen Pagan for sending me this article.

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Sainsbury's store powered by food waste
BBC News
Emma Simpson
July 21, 2014

Call for end to 'throwaway society'
BBC News
Claire Marshall
July 24, 2014