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The city of Eindhoven is introducing a sustainable city-lighting 
system. Dutch startup, Tvilight, offers this LED lighting system which 
is controlled by computers and the street lantern can turn on or off 
depending on how active the street is. The street lantern is dim if 
nobody is there and turns on when a car, bike, or pedestrian is passing 
by the street. LED streetlights reduce energy costs and is more energy 
efficient compared to regular streetlights. Usually city streets are 
empty after 10pm but having the dim streetlight provides security to the 
residents. All the lights contain colors with a bit of blue and green 
which will enhance the pedestrian's feeling of comfort. The street 
lantern can adapt to different types of weather and even flash red if a 
storm is approaching.

Dutch artist, Daan Roosegaarde, has a highway illumination project 
called Smart Highway which he designs interactive roads. Giant 
snowflakes and flowers are painted in illuminating paint that appear 
when a car approaches it and it lets the driver know the temperature.

The initial cost is expensive but is worth it in the long run as the 
system reduces carbon dioxide emissions and lower energy costs. This 
lighting system is providing an energy efficient and enjoyable 

"Illuminating Cities with Sustainable Smart Lighting Systems." 
Elisabeth Braw. The Guardian.
March 12 2014


Natalie Chavez
Undergraduate Intern
2014 BioEnergy & Sustainability School
Soil and Water Science Department
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