Hello BEST members,

The Omega Center for Sustainable Living (OCSL) is an environmental 
education center which offers classes, workshops, and tours for the 
purposes of guiding people towards a sustainable life. More than 
anything the Omega Center seems to function as a shining example. The 
center houses the famous EcoMachine, a water reclamation system. The 
EcoMachine purifies faucet, toilet, and shower water and can produce 
52,000 gallons of clean water per day.
The OCSL is also a leader in sustainable buildings. It has a Living 
Building Challenge certification, is LEED platinum certified, generates 
100% of its energy on site, and is made up of natural and sustainably 
sourced construction materials. There are also no ‘Red List’ 
materials in the center, meaning there is no lead, mercury, PCBs, 
phthalates, VOCs, BPAs, CFCs and more.
Please visit their website listed below for more information on the 
sustainability education experiences available.

Omega Center for Sustainable Living

"Schools for Sustainability Witness Water Purification at the Omega 

Thank you,

Luiza Costa
Undergraduate Intern
2014 BioEnergy & Sustainability School
Soil and Water Science Department
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