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the iSchool, Telecom Bretagne (France) has a 3 years grant for a student 
willing to do a PhD in France (it is the duration of PhD studies in 
France). The grant is ~€1200 per month, which is quite comfortable for 
Brest, with possibilities to teach (in English or in French) for 
€300/month more.

The research can be done in English.
Skill in management theory and in computing are expected.
A master degree is compulsory.

The subject is available here:

People interested can apply, sending a résumé before September, 2
They will be contacted after this date for further discussion if needed.

Feel free to diffuse this announce.

Thanks in advance,

Nicolas Jullien

Here is a summary of the subject:

Communities aiming at producing a certain kind of knowledge, or 
“epistemic communities”, and doing so online, are viewed as central in 
the generation of new, innovative knowledge, because the organizations 
increasingly rely on virtual teams to produce knowledge, but also 
because of the ”open-innovation” relationships they create with those 
online communities. Echoing the research on (virtual) team, two points 
are particularly studied : the composition of the teams and the 
management (leadership) of these communities, but those points are not 
jointly studied and are poorly related to the existing literature on 
virtual team and leadership in management.
New data extraction and analysis capacities, notably those developed by 
a previous project and multidisciplinary research teams make it possible 
to go beyond the actual studies, jointly studying the impact of the 
structure and of the leadership of the virtual groups on their 
performance. This, in order to provide 1) the managers of the virtual 
communities with metrics and tools (dashboards) to evaluate and monitor 
the efficiency of those communities, but also 2) the Institute (and the 
companies) with a better understanding of the new skills the employees 
may develop to work in those teams. The case study will be Wikipedia.

Maître de Conférences (HDR) / Associate Professor.
LUSSI - iSchool, [log in to unmask] Institut TELECOM Bretagne & UEB
In charge of the Master "Information Systems Project Management and 
Co-animator of the "ICT and Society" Institut Mines-Telecom's research 
Skype: Nicolas.Jullien1
Tel +33 (0) 229 001 245
TELECOM Bretagne, Technopôle Brest Iroise CS 83818

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