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Call for Papers: "Metaknowledge" Workshop 
To be held on Nov. 10 at SocInfo2014 Conference in Barcelona, Spain

The deluge of socially relevant data flowing from online and other sources forcefully reminds us that knowledge does not arise from simple accumulation of information. Information must be sought, found, evaluated, and synthesized if it is to become knowledge, be it scientific consensus, political certainty or gossip. For knowledge to grow efficiently, and for us to even understand what certainty may represent, we need a deeper understanding of these processes: we need knowledge about knowledge, or metaknowledge. Scholars have begun to investigate such questions in disparate settings, for example “science of science” and “science studies” in the social sciences, and “wisdom of crowds,” "knowledge representation," and "automated discovery” in computational fields.
The Metaknowledge Workshop will bring together computational and social scientists working to understand the processes of knowledge creation across settings. Some specific themes we envision being represented are:
  • models of scientific and every-day knowledge-making
  • folksonomies and expert ontologies
  • evaluation of knowledge claims
  • social structure and outcomes of knowledge-making groups
  • knowledge representation 
  • mining of knowledge graphs
  • diffusion and consensus on platforms like Twitter and Wikipedia
  • methods of improving the speed and quality of knowledge-making processes
Papers should be submitted by September 5. Authors will have the option to include their papers in the workshop proceedings to be published by Springer. For more information visit:
Don't hesitate to contact Misha Teplitskiy ([log in to unmask]) with any questions.
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