Hello Gustav,


Unfortunately I have not yet been able to secure this paper. I have even posted a reprint request on Taxacom, but to no result.

On Monday I'll be in the RBINS again (just got bzck from holidays), will try to get it through our library. If I get it, I'll post it on echinodermata.be and send a notification to the list.


cheers - yves

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Yves - Did you ever get this pdf?  Would love to have a copy if so.  Thanks - Gustav

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Dear colleagues and friends

Currently my assistant and I are struggling with the identification of an Ophioderma species from the Caribbean. Would any of you have the following reference?

Ziesenhenne FC (1955) A review of the genus Ophioderma Mùˆller and Troschel. Essays in the Natural Sciences in honor of Captain Allan Hancock, on the occasion of his birthday, July 26, 1955. University of Southern California Press, Los Angeles, 185–201

If yes, thank you already very much for a pdf.

With every best wish,

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