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The algae industry is such a highly researched area because of the numerous possibilities of algae applications. It is because of these possibilities that the 8th annual Algae Biomass Summit in San Diego , California will begin tomorrow. Entrepreneurs, scientists, and investors will gather to learn about the newest technology and research in the field of algae applications. Algae are popularly researched because of their prolific growth rate, ability to recycle nutrients, and the ability of specific strains to grow oils and proteins.
The applications for algae are continually expanding. In Imperial Valley , California for example, algae are being grown on saltwater and used to supplement animal feeds. The algae require considerably less land than corn or soybean production and can still produce a high protein supplement for animals to eat. Another example, Accelergy, is a company producing algae based bio-fertilizers. Algae are good bio-fertilizers as they can provide the important nutrients to improve soil fertility while still producing significantly less emissions than traditionally produced fertilizers. Other companies mentioned include, Sapphire Energy, Cellana, and Earthrise Nutritionals which produce a variety of algae based products for biofuels, animal feeds, and nutritional supplements. The algae industry has steadily expanded over the last 5 years being responsible for an incredible 1,020 jobs and $175 million economic output in the San Diego region alone. With such impressive growth I look forward to the continued innovation and increased scale in the algae production industry.
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