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2014 celebrates 50 years of sociology at the University of Manchester. For the occasion, the Mitchell Centre for Social Network Analysis organises an international event bringing together some leading international scholars in the field of social network analysis, whose roots were established in the same department (at the time joined with anthropology) in the 1960s.


The event will take place wednesday 29th of October 2014from 1pm to 4.30pm, at the University of Manchester, with the participation of Bruce Kapferer (University of Bergen and University College London), one of the founders of Social Network Analysis. The goal of the event is to celebrate the establishment of the Manchester school, which tradition is today alive in the Mitchell Centre for Social Network Analysis, founded in 2009 and dedicated to Clyde Mitchell. Clyde was appointed as chair in urban studies at the University of Manchester in 1965, and together with Bruce and other colleagues introduced the study of social networks in Europe and in the UK.


Along with being an opportunity to highlight the role of the sociology department in Manchester in the dissemination of social network analysis in Europe, the event aims to reconstruct how social network analysis has emerged, developed, and overlapped across disciplines.


A keynote speech will be delivered by Bruce Kapferer, on the historical origins of SNA in the department of social anthropology in Manchester. Bruce will also explore the role of Mitchell's perspective in the context of the work of Latour and deLanda, connecting the ethnographic origins of SNA with the most recent developments in sociology and philosophy of knowledge.


A round table of discussant will animate the debate on the historical origins of SNA. The discussant will be: Charles Kadushin (Brandeis University), Barry Wellman (University of Toronto), David Krackhardt (Carnegie Mellon University, TBC) and Nick Crossley (University of Manchester).


Programme (room 2.220 University Place):

1pm: welcome and introduction by Martin Everett

1.15: keynote speech by Bruce Kapferer

2pm – 4pm: round table with Charles Kadushin, Barry Wellman, and Nick Crossley

4pm: open discussion and questions

4.30pm: wine reception


Information on the event can be found at


There is a small fee of 20£. To book a place for the event, please go to  


The event is followed by a workshop on Visone run by Ulrik Brandes, Thursday 30th of October, from 9am to 1pm. The workshop is free of charge, but please book your place by emailing [log in to unmask]

Visone (ital. mink) is a free software tool that combines comprehensive means for analysis with unique visualization capabilities. It can also be used as a graphical frontend to R, RSiena, and data mining software KNIME.

Information on the workshop can be found at


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Elisa Bellotti

Department of Sociology
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University of Manchester
Arthur Lewis Building
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Celebrating 50 Years of Sociology at the University of Manchester! 1964-2014

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