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AidData <> is pleased to announce that it is requesting
expressions of interest to undertake new research that *(a)* uses rigorous
empirical methods to analyze sub-nationally geocoded development finance
data, and *(b)* has significant potential to inform development policy and
decision-making.  Over the next three years, AidData will provide up to $2
million (including direct and indirect costs) to support research of this
kind. Most awards are expected to fall in the $50,000-$200,000 range, with
special consideration given to exceptional projects. This research is made
possible by funding from USAID’s Global Development Lab
<> and the Higher Education Solutions
Network <>.

This is a two-phase funding competition. During the first phase, AidData
will accept expressions of interest (EOI) following the format in the
attached forms. Submitted EOIs will be used to shape the second phase of
the competition, and research teams that provide compelling EOIs will
receive initial feedback prior to the second phase, which will be a full
call for applications.

Successful expressions of interest will fit within one of four categories:

   1. *Aid Targeting & Allocation* - projects that seek to understand how
   foreign aid is targeted and allocated within-country.
   2. *Aid Effectiveness & Impact* - projects that address the
   effectiveness of aid in improving outcomes at the subnational level.
   3. *Transparency for Development* - projects that examine the impact of
   informational interventions and transparency initiatives related to
   development finance.
   4. *Developing and Testing Spatial Methods* - methodological innovations
   that utilize development finance data to improve allocation or impact
   evaluation strategies at the subnational level. Successful proposals will
   include the development and empirical application of novel approaches to
   spatial analysis.

The EOI form can be found on AidData's website
. All EOIs should be emailed to [log in to unmask] by *October 15, 2014*. Anyone
can submit an EOI, regardless of whether he or she is a current member of th
e AidData Research Consortium
<> (ARC). As such, we
encourage you to share this information with any colleagues who may be
interested in this opportunity.



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A partnership of College of William and Mary /​ Development Gateway /​
Brigham Young University <>AidData - Open Data for
International Development <>
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