<< Is our process and protection fair to good = any comments to improve or let me know where we are going wrong would be greatly appreciated.>>

Your process make sense, there is no easy way to complete such a project.  Suggestions I would make include:

 - Reduce scanning dpi to 300, the resolution is sufficient to provide good OCR results while limiting the file sizes.
 - Store documents using DjVu rather than PDF, doing so will significantly reduce file size while providing extremely high quality images.  See: 

Doing so will increase scanning speed, expotentially decrease your cost of storage, and greatly minimize the network bandwidth necessary to view the files. 

In a past life, we used the technology successfully to provide access to a 2000+ page document (Color, 300 dpi, full text indexed .djvu) in a file size that was smaller than the two signature pages previously provided (Color, 300 dpi, .pdf).

Bill Roach, CRM

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