Hi all,


               Well, the birds did not materialize, at least in the numbers
we expected based on the strength of the front, a classic. Last night and
early this a.m. at our migrant trap home in Gulf Breeze we listened for
migrants but heard nothing. We joined the Callaways who had gotten to Ft. P.
earlier. They had some birds moving non-stop down the island early on.
Western Palm warblers had arrived in good numbers but otherwise is was slim
pickings. I was really perplexed that it was not "good" at Ft. Pickens,
based on experiencing many years of similar weather patterns that brought
excellent birding. So when I got home I checked the upper level winds which
were posted this morning and found that during the night, winds which were N
& NE in the SE US at 7 pm last night, had veered during the night to NE to
E. That would explain why birds were not hitting the coast. Although they
should have been aloft, and at least one radar site showed that, they would
have been moving more or less more parallel to the coast.


               Dr. Sidney Gauthreaux's radar studies at Clemson U. have
shown that birds tend to "go with the flow" and will migrate when winds are
advantageous, that is, tail winds going in the general direction of their
intended destination. So if birds were aloft, I should think they were
headed to LA - TX last night. But that's a guess.


               The high pressure system that is bringing us this great
weather will persist for several days with easterly winds and very likely
poor birding. Hopefully, I am wrong.


Happy Birding,


Bob Duncan

Gulf Breeze in the w. Panhandle



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