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> I'd like to hear (offline) from folks who still use records storage
> boxes.  Specially interested in any comparison in quality between the Paige
> Miracle Box and the Mystic 715 Bankers Box (Fellows).  Not interested in
> hearing from any resellers or the companies, but actual users and your
> thoughts on structure, longevity etc.

Although this sounds like a simple question, choose one or the other, it's
not actually that simple... I mean, it COULD be, but it isn't.

A lot depends on the usage pattern of the boxes (frequency of access), the
retention period of the contents (how long will they remain in storage AND
how frequently they will be accessed), the volume of records in storage
(how are they stored- 2 high, 3 high? 2 deep, 3 deep?) and if you are
storing them on site of offsite (onsite, you decide WHERE the less
frequently accessed are placed; offsite, it's out of your control how
others will handle or 'manhandle' them).

Because we have a relatively high volume of short retention records that
are semi-frequently accessed and a large volume of records with extremely
long retention periods that are hardly EVER accessed, we choose different
boxes for different purposes.  And it DOES make a difference, because of
the level of activity we have in our facility.

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