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I was the records manager for a bank in Cleveland for a few years back in the mid-late 1990's, and faced a similar environment in cleaning up branch records.  We had branches in NE and SE Ohio, Upstate New York, and SE Michigan.  These pics bought back old memories for some of them that I had almost forgotten.  What's worse is what you don't see... i.e. the smells, tastes, and the icky feeling of wading through backed up water mainly.  We had a large branch in an old building in a central Cleveland neighborhood  (the E55th/Broadway area for those who may know it) that must've been at least 60 years old.  Every time it rained, the basement would flood.  Of course we were there in the summer and for some reason, it seemed to rain a lot that summer.  Don't want to get too graphic, but the basement backed up when it rained, and after setting for a while, the smells that seemed to permeate your skin (we did wear masks but they didn't seem to help much) so much that it seems like you could taste it... I don't remember that branch having temperature control, certainly not in the basement.  We did use temps to help, but after a couple of days or so they didn't come back, so turnover was high.

In all my years in this profession, that was probably the single worst experience I think I've ever had and hope never to repeat it again.  I think I am still suffering from some of the respiratory issues I experienced back then.

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